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How to source Fabric . (Fabric sourcer , agents , fabric salesman )

As a wholesaler or retailer in fabric business the number one concern is always how to sell products . Where to find customers and how to market your products . These are the questions that people in this business ask themselves every single day and this is where fabric coursers and sales people come to the picture.

But how do you find best fabric sourcing companies or sales people ? You can start calling here and there , speak with your friends and get info about a few of them but how about sourcing agents our of your state or country . That is when you need to go online and find them by using Google , Yahoo , Bing , .... .

Always try to find them with good keywords like textile sourcing , fabric sourcing , sourcing company , sourcing agents , ....

Here is a link I found online that could be useful for almost any wholesaler or retailer as it publishes info of so many companies inside and outside Unites States .

Use it and enjoy .

Fabric sourcing , Textile sourcing , Fabric agent , fabric salesman
How to source Fabrics . Fabric sourcing in

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