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Fabric Sourcing whatsapp group, find the fabric you want using this group (Textile Wholesale Traders

Best Whatsapp group for Fabric and Textile Sourcing
Best Whatsapp group for Fabric sourcing , Textile Sourcing (Textile Wholesale Traders)

As a business owner you know your sourcing strategy should be constantly evolving and you need to find new sources to buy your materials . If you are a middle man buying the fabrics from manufacturers and sell them to retail stores or designers then it is necessary to make sure you have the means and tools of finding materials you need . Our team recently has made a whatsapp group both for manufacturers and sourcing agents (middle men) for this purpose . By using the link below from ABC Fabrics whatsapp group you can join and start sending your requests or posting offers you have .

So many Fabric buyers buyers and sellers are taking advantage of this free whatsapp group and we hope you will like it too .

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