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Your Fabric Supplier

Since 1989

For nearly 30 years, ABC Fabrics, has achieved success as a premier Supplier of High Quality Fabrics. Our long steady expansion is due to our growing loyal family of Clients, Brokers, and Distributors.


Thanks to your loyalty, one thing about us however, will never change!

Our position will always remain the same. We will continue to position ourselves as a premier supplier of textiles for buyers in apparel, and other fabric sourcing industries. 

ABC Fabrics is now supplying all of North America including all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. In an effort to meet heavier market demands and expand to new regions, we face larger orders and more frequent product turnovers. As a result, our facilities are now able to always  stay stocked in a wide variety range of basics as well as trending fabrics.

~ ABC ~

Quality and Satisfaction Gaurantee

We Understand that fabrics are specific and delicate!

With personal attention and quality control in place for our clients, we are able to provide a high quality product with a complimenting high quality service. That is why we ensure our clients the peace of mind when sourcing from our selection of fabrics. 

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